Horse treks suitable for beginners and experienced riders

Horse Rides

Put on your adventure hat because there are no flat boring tracks. We are cheap enough that you can bring the whole family, and you get the full hour or two hours riding that you paid for. Although most of our customers are beginners and are happy at a walking pace, we cater to the brave and experienced riders with the opportunity to trot, canter or even gallop. All treks are guided.



Yes we have our own gloworms. We have special gloworm horse treks where we ride the horses at night through an ankle deep creek along our gloworm valley where you can see thousands of the little lights along the banks. 

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Explore the other pages for more information. If the  answer isn't there then give us a call or email us. We are always happy to help. Being a working farm we don’t have a dedicated receptionist waiting by the phone, but modern technology allows us to take calls almost anywhere we are, (although there are some places we just don’t get reception). We answer emails every day.


Karamu Trail Track is in the Waikato just 15 minutes west of Hamilton. It is only two hours’ drive from Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Waitomo and Thames making for an easy day trip or weekend away.

Finding Karamu