Registered 4WD Clubs

Registered clubs can book for 4WD outings. Outings will be guided by an experienced person who knows the farm tracks. Clubs who visit frequently may use their own guide, new clubs will be provided with a local guide or farm owner.

Minimum 5 vehicles, times and days by arrangement. 

  • Price per vehicle per day: $40

Vehicles and drivers

The club organiser will ensure that vehicles are suitable for the terrain and drivers are competent or under experienced club supervision. Drivers must be club members (or day guests) and covered by 4WD club insurance. At least one vehicle must have towing/recovery capabilities.

We do not supply or hire vehicles. Both road registered vehicles and trailered vehicles are suitable.


We have a wide variety of (mostly) clay tracks with varying levels of difficulty and steepness. There is also a "rock garden" for specialised vehicles and muddy ponds for those who are happy to get very dirty. Drivers must respect the grass areas by not driving in a careless manner that causes damage. 

Most tracks are inaccessible during and after heavy rain.  

 Camping overnight

 Price per person per night: $5

Bush camp

This is a large flat sheltered grassy area surrounded by native bush where the club can drive into when track conditions are dry. There is a basic portaloo, concrete container for a small campfire, and two large pole shed roofed areas for shelter. There is no electricity, no drinking water and no showers.

Car park camp

This is a large flat grassy paddock easily accessed by any road vehicle using graveled farm tracks. There are flush toilets and changing rooms, no electricity and no drinking water. Access to shower facilities with hot water can be organised for a small extra fee.

Bookings and payment

Email us to request a booking date. 

For new clubs at least 3 days notice is required to ensure a local guide can be available. We are happy to "pencil in" bookings in advance but final confirmation is dependent on the weather and safe condition of the tracks.

For club outings full payment and driver sign in is normally required on arrival at the car park. We do NOT have EFTPOS facilities.