Rustic Events Venue

Looking for a venue for your event? We have a location well suited to not-for-profit clubs, incorporated societies, charities and organisations. There is ample space for camping as well as several under cover areas.

Under cover facilities

  • Conservatory - a very large plastic roofed shed with a total area of 24m x 33m. This consists of a raised concrete floor/stage (6m x 33m), woodchip floor (12m x 33m), open air bay (6m x 33m). The area is semi enclosed on two sides with punga walls.  
  • Bunkroom- 4.9m x 8.4m fully enclosed (empty) lined room with concrete floor, power and lighting, sink for hand/dish washing.
  • Storeroom - 5m x 10.5m fully enclosed tin shed with concrete floor, power and lighting
  • Stables - 6m x 9.5m concrete walled/floored room enclosed on three sides with a tin roof opening onto concrete yards, with some lighting
  • Office - 3m x 4.7m fully enclosed concrete walled/floored room with a tin roof, power and lighting
  • Haybarn - tin haybarn

Other facilities

  • Showers - portable  6 bay shower unit with gas heated water
  • Large water tank - filled from a nearby underground well
  • Camping area - 5-10 acres of nearby flat ground available for camping and activities
  • Lake - nearby lake with 5 x 4 seater canoes
  • Activities - we have equipment for some on-site activities, such as archery
  • Farmstay - see the accommodation page, this is about 1km from the venue and could suit the organising committee or others not wanting to camp.

Facilities you will need to supply

  • Catering of your choice
  • Portable toilets appropriate to numbers and location of attendees
  • Additional portable showers if required
  • Chiller trailer or other refrigeration if required
  • Rubbish removal - what you bring in, you take away, including recyclables

Our first event using this venue, Easter 2015 - 194 attendees camping plus organisers and staff. In the conservatory was a dining area, dance floor, elevated band stage, pool table and bar area (they had an approved liquor licence). The site is still in need of some landscaping, grassing and tidying but it is completely functional and available for use.