Car park

The road that leads to the car park area by the arena has a metalled turn around circle big enough for any bus, campervan, truck, or vehicle and horse float. There is parking space for many vehicles. In winter when the ground is soft be careful to keep your vehicles' driving wheels on the metal surface to avoid getting stuck in mud.

Toilets and changing rooms

Next to the car park is a building that contains flush toilets and large changing rooms with benches to sit on. There are separate facilities for men and women.

The water for flushing the toilets is gravity fed from a pond which in turn is fed from an underground spring. This water will often look muddy because it is not filtered. The toilets are connected to a septic tank. The water in the toilet facilities is not suitable for drinking.

Outside of the toilet block is a tap that is fed from a tank that collects rainwater. This is suitable for washing your hands after a trek.

Picnic tables

There are two picnic tables with seats for you to enjoy your picnic lunch at. Alternatively bring a blanket and spread out on the grass.