In addition to our trek leader and permanent guides we welcome the help of experienced riders as volunteer guides.

Volunteer guides

Would you like a day’s free riding in exchange for helping as a volunteer guide? On most treks we have room for a couple of rostered volunteer guides who help with saddling and unsaddling and assisting customers. The trek leader will give you training on what to do and several volunteer guides have gone on to become paid trek leaders. Volunteer guides usually get the opportunity to ride our newer horses and help train them.

Is this you?

Volunteer guides are confident experienced riders over 16 who can trot and canter, get off in a paddock to open and close gates, and be willing to lead another horse with a lead rope. You also enjoy assisting other people including children. 

It is important that our guides are friendly, helpful, and interested in making the trek an enjoyable experience for our customers.

A level of physical fitness is necessary in order to saddle up to 10 horses with stock saddles, help people mount, dismount, adjust stirrups, tighten girths etc. Volunteer guides need to be safety conscious, mature, responsible and preferably hold a current First Aid certificate.

Horse Tamers

From time to time we break in some new horses and ride them out until they are ready for customers. If you are a superbly confident rider interested in volunteering to ride green horses on treks please make yourself known to us. We will want to assess your ability and it is likely we will need you to also be a volunteer guide. Previous experience training green horses is useful and you will be aware that breaking in horses has inherent dangers.